Characteristics of Residents

Resident’s subspecialty
VariableUndecided (n = 35)NM (n = 9)Radiology (n = 70)P*
Age (y)0.259
 20 − 25000
Not indicated11
 Not indicated011
Exposure to NM education before residency131230.342
Completed or ongoing work on PhD thesis167400.409
Interest in scientific research0.135
 Not indicated3114
Clinical working experience before residency275380.777
Inspired by someone to choose subspecialtyNA3320.728
Attractive circumstances for NM subspecialty95280.595
Unattractive NM subspecialty circumstances42190.931
Influence of attractive or unattractive circumstancesNA360.100
Influence of future employment chancesNA4130.178
Preference of future working place0.361
 No choice001
  • *Differences between NM and radiology residents.

  • According to Mann–Whitney test.

  • According to χ2 test.

  • NM = nuclear medicine; NA = not applicable.

  • Of the 9 NM residents, 7 had already started NM training and 2 had decided to choose it. Of the 70 radiology residents, 47 had already started radiology training and 23 had decided to choose it.